2020 Lincoln Mark LT Limited Edition Pickup Truck

The all-new 2020 Lincoln Mark LT will hit the markets later this year. However, new Mark LT will arrive as a Limited Edition model. This pickup was discounted a decade ago. The main reason was the new Ford F-150 model. However, Mark LT was produced in Mexico until 2014.

Now, the famous pickup truck will arrive once again. The luxury pickup will borrow plenty of cues from Lincoln’s lineup of SUVs and crossovers. The interior will look very premium and exterior comes with an attractive design. As for the performance, Mark LT will ride on a strong V6 engine.

2020 Lincoln Mark LT front

2020 Lincoln Mark LT Design Shape

Lincoln is a well-known manufacturer that knows how to deliver a good-looking model. The 2020 Lincoln Mark LT will be one such a vehicle. The upcoming pickup truck will arrive with a very attractive design and recognizable styling. Logically, the new model will be the next-gen model. For that reason, Lincoln will deliver some drastic changes.

Total revamp includes changes in the dimension and shape of the truck. Styling-wise, Mark LT will be similar to the Lincoln Navigator SUV. We can expect the similar look of the front fascia and some features are a classic carryover. The bumpers, wheels, and headlights are exactly the same as on the Navigator model.

2020 Lincoln Mark LT interior

Cabin Features

The interior of the forthcoming 2020 Lincoln Mark LT will look very upscale and modern. The cabin will borrow plenty of cues and features from the Navigator SUV. That means you can find plenty of luxury from the inside. On the other hand, the interior layout is similar to the layout of the F-150.  Leather upholstery and dashboard are the same as on the Navigator model.

Generally, there will be plenty of high-tech features and systems. A 10-inch touchscreen comes as standard. Safety department comes with a five-star rating. The cabin will be very customizable and you can choose between longer and shorter bed.

2020 Lincoln Mark LT engine

Powertrain Specs

The next-generation 2020 Lincoln Mark LT will also borrow the engine from its Navigator sibling. This SUV is using a 3.5-liter V6 that cranks out 450 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. A 10-speed automatic transmission comes as standard. Unfortunately, powerful V6 will be the only powertrain option.

The 2020 Mark LT will offer great tow rating and payload capacity. However, those figures are not available yet. Whatsoever, we are still waiting on the fuel economy rating. Sadly, we don’t expect great fuel economy numbers. On the other hand, we can expect a quiet and pleasant ride.

2020 Lincoln Mark LT side

2020 Lincoln Mark LT Price and Release Date

This luxury pickup truck won’t come cheap. The price of the 2020 Lincoln Mark LT will start at $40,000 or slightly above that. As we already wrote, Mark LT will arrive as a Limited Edition only.

We don’t know what will happen in 2021. However, we don’t expect major changes. However, the 2020 model could give us a couple of surprises. The 2020 Mark LT will hit the markets in the last quarter of 2019.

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