2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck Rumors, Release Date

Tesla is about to drop its new pickup truck model. It will ride on an all-electric powertrain and it will arrive before the end of the year. The 2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck is confirmed and almost ready to hit the roads. Elon Musk teased the fans a couple of months ago on Twitter with some interesting details.

He asked its followers to vote what would they like to see on the new pickup truck. However, plenty of details are not available yet. For the start, the name was a huge mystery. On the other hand, it seems the “Model U” will remain the most likely outcome. Don’t be surprised if this model arrives under an all-new name.

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck Exterior Design Looks Futuristic

The most reliable reports are suggesting an extremely modern and futuristic design. No one is actually surprised because Tesla is known for such things. The 2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck will look very unique and interesting. Of course, Model U will surely borrow some cues and stuff from the company’s SUVs and sedans.

On the other hand, don’t expect plenty of glass, after all, it is a pickup truck. For that reason, Tesla will surely deliver a more conventional and organic design. The boxy shape is certain. However, Model U could feature a “frunk”. It is a front trunk that will provide additional storage space. It will be placed beneath the hood. The pickup truck will look similar to the Tesla Model X SUV. The two will share plenty of components and styling cues. Moreover, we could expect similarly or the same features.

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck interior

Interior Features

The cabin of the all-new 2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck will be interesting to see. Everyone wonders how the interior could look like. The latest speculations are suggesting a six-seat layout with plenty of legroom and headroom. In Tesla’s recognizable fashion, Model U will offer plenty of modern features and amenities.

On top of that, this pickup will look premium from the inside. We expect leather upholstery and a great level of comfort. Furthermore, a long list of standard features is a must. Latest phone integrations and safety aids will surely be in the offer on the base model. We don’t actually know how many trim levels will be available. A 360-degree camera and a 240-volt outlet are basically confirmed. Thanks to a 240-volt outlet, you can plug your heavy tools. Plenty of high-tech systems and larger displays are another thing that we expect to happen.

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck engine

Powertrain Rumors

This is probably the most interesting topic for fans and experts. One thing is certain, Tesla can’t fail in the performance category. To this moment, Ford Super Duty lineup delivers 440 HP and 860 lb-ft of torque. Ram’s heavy-duty lineup provides astonishing 900 lb-ft of torque. With that in mind, Tesla plans to beat those figures.

The 2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck will be the quickest pickup truck on the markets. Yes, we are not talking only about its segment, we are talking about the complete lineup of pickup trucks. The electric powertrain is a huge advantage for Tesla. According to Elon Musk, this pickup will provide over 400 miles of driving range. A 120 kWh battery is in the offer and we can expect astonishing towing capacity. A four-wheel-drive system will be in the offer too, no doubt about it. A pickup truck will use similar components as the Mercedes X model. However, we are still waiting for full vehicle’s details.

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck rear

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

First rumors suggested a price that starts over $60,000. Whatsoever, some reports predicted a much higher price. However, Tesla has no plans to compete with the Rivian. As you probably know, Rivian is releasing its first pickup truck ever.

The manufacturer promised very unreal specs and details. However, Rivian’s model will cost around $90,000. The 2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck will cost below $50,000. On top of that, Elon Musk confirmed this rumor a couple of weeks ago. It is a matter of time when we can see new Tesla’s pickup on the roads.

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