Could 2021 Lincoln Blackwood Make a Comeback Next Year?

The comeback of the famous Lincoln Blackwood pickup truck might happen soon. If you didn’t know, this model was marketed in the United States and Mexico 18 years ago. Generally, Lincoln Blackwood was the first pickup truck ever sold by the Lincoln division. However, according to some rumors, the comeback may happen next year and the new pickup could be called 2021 Lincoln Blackwood.

The upcoming trendsetter from information that we got might borrow some elements from the famous Lincoln Navigator SUV. Also, it will definitively use some of the nowadays engines.

2021 Lincoln Blackwood side

2021 Lincoln Blackwood Exterior

The rumored 2021 Lincoln Blackwood pickup truck will make a massive boom on the market if happens. Literary, Lincoln has stopped its plans to make a new pickup truck for years and has defined itself for the sedan and SUV models. The Lincoln Mark LT is the only pickup truck that is still available on the market by this manufacturer. Moreover, some changes in Lincoln’s must happen and the comeback of 2021 Lincoln Blackwood is the right decision. If you forget how this model looks like, it comes with enormous and inescapable black grille featuring almost the same shape headlights as Mark LT model.

In back, there are Lincoln’s signature taillights and the same silhouette that can be found on many Lincoln models. However, Lincoln Blackwood has enough of its details that make it distinctive.

Cabin Might Be Identical as on Navigator SUV

Without question, the new 2021 Lincoln Blackwood could offer an identical cabin and plenty of cues from Lincoln Navigator SUV. From the information that is circulating, the forthcoming pickup truck will most likely provide a very spacious and techy cabin. Firstly, the manufacturer will use comfort and multi-adjustable leather seats with a floating-cushion design.

The dash should remain clean and visually appealing as on the Navigator. As we mentioned, expect plenty of techs imprinted from Navigator. This model comes with a new center-mounted 10-inch touch screen and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Generally, in the past, Lincoln Blackwood offered generous room for up to five passengers and we think that the same layout will remain.

2021 Lincoln Blackwood seats

2021 Lincoln Blackwood Powertrain

After plenty of rumors, we just got information that the 2021 Lincoln Blackwood might borrow the same engine from the Navigator SUV. This model uses a potent 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 powertrain that is able to deliver an output of 450 horsepower.

We must mention that the same engine powers the Ford Expedition model, but it provides less outputs. Like the SUV model, the Blackwood would use the responsive 10-speed automatic transmission. However, because this model is not yet officially announced, we can’t determine fuel-economy figures.

2021 Lincoln Blackwood rear

Release Date and Cost

The comeback of 2021 Lincoln Blackwood can be expected in the near future. If that happens, the manufacturer will definitively make this pickup truck more competitive.

By the way, we heard plenty of gossips recently and we believe that the new model will borrow plenty of cues from the Navigator SUV. Many experts predicted that the price of the next Lincoln Blackwood could be the same as on Lincoln Mark LX. This model is also rumored that will start over $40,000 for the base trim level.

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