All-New Electric Truck 2021 Neuron EV Introduced

Much exciting news are coming from the electric pickup truck segment. California-based 2021 Neuron EV T-One pickup is the latest all-electric truck that is announced. This pickup looks attractive and odd.

According to the latest report, this model has been made to rival competitors like Tesla, Rivian, GM, Bollinger, Lordstown/Workhorse and Ford. Beside Neuron EV T-One pickup, the company will also introduce the TORQ semi model. Both models will debut in China later this year and we collected some important information.

2021 Neuron EV cabin

2021 Neuron EV T-One Looks Futuristic

At first glance, the upcoming 2021 Neuron EV looks futuristic and odd. Like the Cybertruck, there is the same filling looking at this model. However, it doesn’t look much strange as the Tesla Cybertruck. Design of the Neuron EV is somehow unique and impressive.

From the information that we got, this model will be built on the famous skateboard platform. Thanks to this platform, T-One pickup is qualified as the all-in-one multipurpose vehicle,” from a chassis-cab with a fifth wheel to a pickup to a van.

Interior Design Is Unique

The all-new 2021 Neuron EV will look modern and odd. We can say that this model is somehow strange inside because it offers driver’s seat positioned in the centre. As we mentioned, this truck is an all-electric and the driver is seating above the axle. Generally, comfort is excellent and Neuron EV will introduce many new techs inside.

Besides, the interior is futuristic and there are no physical controls in the cabin. All inputs are handled through various screens around the driver. Moreover, we can’t tell how much of the interior is changeable. In fact, the manufacturer released a few images with a different configuration. On the first image, we can see cabin layout shows a centre-mounted driver’s seat with two captain’s chairs behind, another one shows two captain’s chairs in the front row and a bench behind, and the lats one shows three rows of captain’s chairs.

2021 Neuron EV platform

Engine Details

In terms of performances, the exact engine details of the upcoming 2021 Neuron EV are still a mystery. However, this multipurpose electric utility vehicle is made to rival the most futuristic and odd model Tesla Cybertruck. And because of that, we can expect surely excellent performances. Besides Cybertruck, this model will be very competitive with the newest Rivian R1T.

So, we can expect that offers Neuron EV effective mileage, great sports-car acceleration and high towing capacity. The newest Tesla’s Cybertruck, offers one, two or three electric motor options. If you remember this pickup truck can run from 0 to 60 in just 6,5 sec, while maximum mileage is 250+. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for more specific and precise details about Neuron EV.

2021 Neuron EV rear

2021 Neuron EV Price and Release Date

There is no officially how much the new 2021 Neuron EV is going to cost. From many gossips, the Neuron EV will not cost less than $50,000, which is in the range of Tesla Cybertruck.

As you may know, Tesla’s Cybertruck with single-engine cost, $39,990, while a model with two motors little less than $50,000. Things are still unclear when it comes to pricing and we can only wait for some official info. As for the release date, the T-One newest pickup truck should arrive at some point next year, while pre-orders may start later this year.

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