2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Redesign, Engine Specs

If you are looking for a pickup truck that is quick as a Ram TRX model, than the new 2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid is an excellent option to consider. This pickup truck looks more rugged than the regular F-150, and it features a more powerful engine. On top of that, this model offers an extraordinarily comfortable cabin with plenty of modern cues taken from the base model.

Generally, Ford F-150 is one of the most modern pickup trucks on the market. Long story short, the latest Powerboost is using the new hybrid technology that is integrated with a 35-kW electric motor, generating total output of 430 hp and 570 lb-ft. Thanks to that, it’s good for 12,700 pounds of towing and 2,000 pounds of payload.

2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid front

2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Styling

The new 2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid looks remarkably similar to the regular model. However, it’s slightly refreshed, resulting in a tougher stance. Basically, the easiest way to separate the hybrid model from the regular one is to find a badge that indicates a PowerBoost model. Also, this specific truck features different grille and headlight designs. There are 11 grilles and three different headlight designs through trim levels. Also, Ford F-150 is available with 13 different wheel designs that range from 17 to 22 inches.

The coolest feature of the PowerBoost model is the new Power Onboard generator. This generator comes standard with 2.4 kilowatts of exportable power or an optional 7.2-kilowatt output. Generally, this is enough to power everything from a tailgate event to a construction site.

Premium Cabin and Safety Options

The highlight of this truck is definitively its cabin. The new 2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid comes with upgraded materials and unique color combinations. The center stack dominates, housing the new 12-inch touchscreen landscape (horizontal) and the latest Sync 4 version. Unlike the regular model, the PowerBoost comes with a digital gauge cluster that shows terrain in front of you. Also, Android Auto connectivity and Apple CarPlay are standard, as the Ford Co-Pilot360 technology.

Basically, this technology consists of a forward collision warning, hill start assist, pre-collision assist, auto hold, and a rearview camera with hitch support.

2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid cabin

2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Details

As we mentioned, the PowerBoost Hybrid uses the latest Ford’s hybrid technology, delivering outstanding performances. This truck uses an integrated 35-kW electric motor and a very smooth 10-speed transmission. That motor also does the regenerative braking to recharge the 1.5-kWh battery that is stored under the truck.

According to Blue Oval company, the total output is rated at 430 hp and 570 lb-ft. Thanks to this system, the PowerBosst model is suitable for 12,700 pounds of towing and 2,000 pounds of payload. Besides this engine, the new model can be also equipped with a 3.3-liter V6, 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6, 5.0-liter V8, and 3.5-liter non-hybrid EcoBoost powertrain.

2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid rear
2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid cab

2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Release Date and Price

According to Blue Ovals’ recent statement, the Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid will happen sometime this year. A Limited 4×4 SuperCrew PowerBoost model starts at $80,000 and can go up to $100,000, depending on trim level and equipment.

However, the base Ford-150 can be purchase for just $28,000, which is in line with models like Chevy Silverado 1500 and the Ram 1500.

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