2022 Ford Ranchero News, Specs, Release Date

The iconic Ranchero pickup truck comeback could happen next year, if is to be believed some rumors. The latest reports also reveal that the new 2022 Ford Ranchero will replace the popular Courier model sold in Brazil.

Unlike the Courier model, the Ford Ranchero will be based on the latest Focus architecture, and it will feature great design, a spacious cabin for five passengers, and many standard features. It will also use some of the existing engines that we saw under the Focus RS model and Escape SUV. This truck will probably arrive in Brazil, and there is an enormous possibility that it will reach U.S soil at some point in 2021.

2022 Ford Ranchero front

2022 Ford Ranchero Design Looks Identical to the Focus Model

The new renderings of the 2022 Ford Ranchero are available, and it looks identical to the Focus model. Moreover, you can easily notice the difference because Ranchero is a pickup truck that offers more ground clearance and a large bed on the back.

However, Ranchero also features an identical design on the front fascia as the Focus. It comes with the same grille, and it offers the same shaped LED headlights. Besides Focus, the Blue Oval also stamped some of the Ford Rangers structures. Generally, both models come with the same proportions, and the Blue Oval will most likely release Ranchero in a crew cab body style.

Cabin Features

Inside, the upcoming 2022 Ford Ranchero will probably feature the same dose of comfort as the many Blue Oval models. We heard plenty of rumors, and from the most recent one, Ranchero could get the same treatment inside as the Escape/Kuga models.

Generally, right now, it’s hard to predict the cabin design of this model. Many believe that Ranchero will offer a spacious cabin that can place five passengers comfortably and some interior features that we saw in the Escape model. That includes a 7-inch infotainment unit and numerous driver-assistance aids.

2022 Ford Ranchero interior

2022 Ford Ranchero Powertrain Specs

In terms of engine, the 2022 Ford Ranchero will probably use some of the existing powertrains. Generally, Blue Oval has a wide range of engines, and we collected information on possible ones. The first candidate is a potent and very economic 1.5-liter EcoBoost turbo found on many models. The next one might be a more muscular 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo variant that also powers the Escape model.

The last possibility is an engine that powers the Focus RS model. This model uses a 2.3-liter turbo engine providing excellent performance. A diesel engine will probably not happen, consider that many manufacturers goes for more ecological powertrains.

Release Date and Price

The all-new 2022 Ford Ranchero pickup truck will feature almost identical styling as we saw on the latest Focus model. According to many gossips, this pickup truck might become the most affordable in Ford’s lineup.

From some early reports, the new Ranchero could start at $20,000 or even slightly below that. However, we are still waiting for more details, and we are hoping that Ford will release more information soon. As for the release date, many believe that Ranchero will be available at some point in 2021.

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