2022 Toyota Tacoma Electric Is in the Works Alongside Tundra Truck

Toyota confirms that there is a plan to make both next generations Tacoma and Tundra models all-electric. Generally, that’s a great decision, considering that both trucks are the most selling ones in the segment. Those trucks are meant for hauling, towing, providing a quiet ride on the most challenging terrains. According to various media reports, the first model that should be introduced to the public next year is the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Electric.

Fast forward to today, the wave of electric trucks is unstoppable. The big names are almost available on the markets like F-150 Electric, GMC Hummer EV, Tesla Cybertruck, Bollinger B2, and Rivian R1T. Moreover, Toyota is the latest automaker that has revealed its plans to join this group.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Electric

2022 Toyota Tacoma Electric Design

Like most electric models, the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Electric will replace the massive open grille with a closed one. Generally, there is no need for extra cooling considering electrifications. We believe that Tacoma will ride on the new platform to allow placement for electric or hybrid systems.

Overall, design language will be most likely the same as we saw on the previous generation of this truck. However, the manufacturer will probably separate this truck from the standard one adding more eye-catching elements. That includes EV badges on the front-rear and many of them inside.

Interior With More Comfort

We seriously cannot wait to see the final version of the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Electric truck. The electric model will bring a more upscale cabin, featuring primarily better comfort. Generally, expect the same layout as the regular one, but with more legroom and headroom behind. From what we heard, the new Tacoma will be only available in Double Cab form.

In terms of technology, Toyota might introduce a new dashboard that will carry the latest infotainment system followed by many standard pieces of equipment. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration will be standard as the leather-trimmed steering wheel, power moonroof, keyless entry, unique badging, and auto-dimming rearview mirror. Blind-spot monitoring and many driver aids should also be standard.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Electric interior

2022 Toyota Tacoma Electric Specs

At this point, there are no engine figures for the upcoming 2022 Toyota Tacoma Electric. Moreover, electrification is undoubtedly part of its future. Rumor has it that the new-gen Tacoma will share the same platform with the Tundra, so both trucks will probably be getting the same systems.

It remains to be seen if Toyota is ready to introduce an all-electric powertrain or we can expect only a hybrid variant. Whatsoever, both Toyota trucks will be the first in the U.S. to get some electrification.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Electric rear

Release Date, Price

The most exciting news is that Toyota confirmed that it’s working on some electrification for the next-generation pickups. Reportedly, both trucks, including Tacoma and Tundra, will arrive sometime next year as 2022 models.

Pricing is still early to determine. However, looking at the new Tesla Cybertruck that starts at $39,990 with one electric motor, it’s more than likely that the Tacoma Electric could be in the same range. Of course, models with two or three electric motors will increase the price.

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