2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck Unveiled With 80-kWh Battery

The all-new 2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck is coming, and it’s based on the brand’s famous lifestyle vehicle van. Basically, it shares plenty of cues with it, and it sits on the new electric skateboard chassis. Last week, the manufacturer unveiled its first-ever electric truck, and we must admit, it looks very odd and unique. Generally, its design is completely different from what we used to see from the pickup trucks.

According to the manufacturer, the upcoming truck will travel around 200 miles of range thanks to an 80-kWh battery, which is far below rivals in the same segment. The company stated that the Canoo truck would need to charge up to 80 percent on a DC fast charger in just 28 minutes.

2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck side

2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck First Exterior Design

The exterior design of the 2023 Canoo Electric Pickup reminds us a bit of some sort of bug. It comes with an odd design shape, featuring a six-to-eight-foot bed. According to the company, the new truck will be dimensionally shorter than the Ford Ranger. It’s 184 inches long, and it features a 112.2-inch wheelbase. Compared to the Tesla Model 3, the wheelbase of the Canoo is an inch shorter.

Canoo company also states that this multi-purpose truck would share plenty of elements with a lifestyle vehicle van. Like in many EVs, the upcoming truck with a popular frunk that has decent storage. As we mentioned, it comes with a built-in bed that ranges from six to eight feet and a hidden pull-out step that provides easier access to the bed.

First Look Inside

The manufacturer also unveiled the cabin of the upcoming 2023 Canoo Electric Pickup. The first impressions are divided, and still, the Canoo offers a unique and modern interior with plenty of soft touches. Interestingly, the teaser video shows that the new electric truck will offer only two seats, but we also managed to get more information and even expect a three-seat setup.

In terms of technology, the forthcoming truck features a very clean dashboard with a steering wheel looks interesting, and it fits some sort of display in the middle. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait just a little bit to find out more details.

2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck interior

2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck Specs

The all-new 2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck will use front and rear electric motors deriving power from an 80-kWh battery. Thanks to this combination, this system will provide an output of up to 600 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. The rear motor is standard, matching the van’s 300-hp and 332-lb-ft rating. Also, the Canoo manufacturer claims that the truck will travel 200-plus miles of range in a single charge.

Charging is quick, and basically, you’ll need around 29 minutes to charge battery up to 80 percent. On top of that, the Canoo Electric Pickup Truck will be available optionally with an all-wheel-drive system, allowing 1,800 pounds of payload capacity.

2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck rear

Release Date and Price

The pre-orders of the 2023 Canoo Electric Pickup will start in the summertime, from the recent news. However, its release will be most likely happen later in 2022. As we stated, this model is based on the company’s Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle van, sharing many components. The price is not available at this moment, but from some expert’s view, it will cost no less than $35,000.

Generally, for just a few thousand dollars more, buyers can get the Tesla Cybertruck that offers much more than the Canoo Electric Pickup. The Rivian R1T and Bollinger B2 trucks are in the same segment, and we can expect both of them to arrive toward the end of the year.

Source: motortrend.com

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