2023 Fisker Alaska: What We Know So Far

The new 2023 Fisker Alaska is an all-electric truck that will hit showrooms sometime next year. Fisker has recently released a few images of the upcoming Alaska truck, and we must admit it looks excellent.

At first glance, the new truck definitely has a more conventional design than the Tesla Cybertruck. Fisker claims that this model will be the lightest and most efficient EV pickup truck in the world. Like the Fisker Ocean model, we’re expecting the new truck to provide an estimated range of up to 350 miles on a single charge. It should also come standard with dual-motor setup that generates at least 540 horsepower.

2023 Fisker Alaska side

2023 Fisker Alaska Design

Prototype images of the new 2023 Fisker Alaska are available, and the forthcoming electric pickup looks awesome. This truck dominates with its styling, and we’re expecting to get a great package of off-roading capabilities. The prototype images show what this truck will look like from the side and behind.

We first noticed a short bed and very attractive taillights. Also, the tailgate has an Firsker badge and some sharp lines, never seen before. Other elements that are visible on the new four-door pickup truck include big wheels, probably 22 inches, skid plate on the rear, sporty exhaust system, and break lights placed bellow the tailgate.

Modern Interior

Like the Fisker Ocean model, the new 2023 Alaska will come with a very spacious and modern cabin. This truck will be able to fit five passengers with decent legroom and headroom behind. We’re also expecting to see a cleaner dashboard than we saw on the Ocean SUV, with the same infotainment system placed vertically.

The similar infotainment is available on the Tesla Cybertruck. However, the new Alaska will also be more driver-orientated thanks to a new virtual dashboard placed just ahead of the driver. The small screen can be customized, and you can display all the important information that you need.

2023 Fisker Alaska Interior

2023 Fisker Alaska Specs

The new 2023 Fisker Alaska will likely come with the same setup as the Ocean SUV. This model comes with all-wheel-drive, using dual-motor setup that generates 540 horsepower.

The most attainable model will have an estimated range of 250 miles, while the rangiest version will provide 350 miles on a single charge. According to Fisker, with this setup, the Ocean model will accelerate to 60 mph in less than 4.0 seconds. However, considering that the pickup truck will be heavier, we’re expecting around 5.0 seconds.

2023 Fisker Alaska Release Date, Price

The new 2023 Fisker Alaska is the first companies’ pickup truck that will be powered by an electric motor. As far as we know, this truck will use the same setup as the Ocean SUV. The standard model will range at least 250 miles, while the rangiest version will go around 350 miles on a single charge.

Fisker says that the Alaska will be introduced sometime next year, probably at some of the upcoming events. Pricing is not yet revealed, but we should expect this model to be around $40,000, which is in line with the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck. The price will drop to around $7,500 after the federal tax credits.

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