2023 Ford F-650: Everything We Know So Far

The redesigned version of the popular truck Ford F-650 is on the way. As far as we know, the new model will be called 2023 Ford F-640, and it will hit the dealerships sometime this year or eventually in the first quarter of the 2023. The new truck will reportedly come with mild upgrades, just as its bigger sibling Ford F-750.

In case you didn’t know, the F-650 and F-750 models are ideal hauling trucks for moving heavy objects from one location to another location. However, this truck last year gained some redesign, and its popularity grows instantly.

2023 Ford F-650 side

2023 Ford F-650 Design

The 2023 Ford F-650 is not less robust than its bigger brother F-750. In general, both trucks are designed to get your work done as efficiently as possible. Thanks to its strong chassis, this model is able to pull very high loads. Like the lighter F models, the F-650 also features a nice-looking front fascia. The front grille, for example, is sharper than before featuring more chrome around.

The headlamps have recently been updated as well, and inspiration is taken from the F-150 truck. New exterior paints are available as well, and you can choose paints like Racing Red, Blue Jeans, Green Gem, Ingot Silver, Magnetic, Stone Gray, School Bus Yellow, Agate Black, Tangier Orange, and Bold Yellow.

Cabin Upgrades

Just like the lighter F models, the new 2023 Ford F-650 will come with a comfortable interior. This truck is able to fit up to six passengers(Crew Cab), providing an excellent legroom and headroom. The cabin is packed with quality materials in combination with tech features. You can choose this model as a Cab, 4-door SuperCab or even a Crew Cab. Each of the models are designed to help reduce distracting outside noise.

Like on most of HD truck models, the base trim level provides basics features, so don’t expect anything spectacular. It features an instrument cluster, climate control module, traction control switch, and dual USB charge port.

2023 Ford F-750 interior

Gasoline and Diesel Engine Options

We don’t expect any significant performance improvements to the new 2023 Ford F-650. This means we will see once again the same 7.3-liter Godzilla V8 engine that is capable of generating 335 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque. Along with this engine, Blue Oval also offers as optional 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbodiesel engine.

This engine produces 270 horsepower and a torque of 700 lb-ft. Interestingly, the same engine is also powering the F-750 model, but it produces 300 horsepower. The six-speed TorqShift HD automatic transmission is available on both models, providing very smooth shifting. As for towing, the F-650 is still a great option among other rivals. This truck can tow up to 50,000 pounds when equipped with a diesel engine.

How Much Does the 2023 Ford F-650 Cost?

Despite small improvements over the outgoing generation, the new 2023 Ford F-650 will likely to remain the same ballpark. The current basics model starts at around $60k, while the more loaded model at 70k.

We expect this modern and capable truck to arrive in the dealerships probably sometime this year or eventually in the first quarter of the next one. We are still waiting to hear more details about the new F-650 in the coming months.

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