Hummer Electric Pickup Truck Has Been Revealed

General Motors manufacturer just release a couple of new teaser photos of the first-ever Hummer Electric Pickup Truck. Yea, you read very well, there will be an all-electric Hummer version that will be badged with the GMC logo.

According to the GMC, the full model will be revealed on May 20 this year. However, we can expect a final version to be released sometime in the following year. From the first images, we can see many similarities with the rest of the GMC models. Moreover, the new Hummer looks incredible, and odd at the same time.

Hummer Electric Pickup Truck

Hummer Electric Pickup Truck First Look

At first glance, the upcoming 2021 Hummer Electric Pickup Truck looks fantastic. The manufacturer did a great job and we cannot wait to see the final version. Teaser images reveal a significant and rugged truck that looks slightly rakish for a Hummer. If we look closer, we can see many similarities with most GMC models. At the front, there is a bold-looking grille with the Hummer logo in the middle.

Honestly, most of the reactions are negative, because the electric Hummer look so GMC-ish. However, we like this look and we believe that the final version will be more aggressive. We can even except a more big and bold front end, and more outward styling changes before it reaches production.

Hummer Electric Pickup Truck cabin

Interior Rumors

At this time, there is no available image to confirm what will be used inside. From some rumors, the new Hummer will continue to offer the same traditional cabin as before.

Basically, the newest Hummer will definitively borrow some styling cues from the GMC models. Furthermore, it will be boosted inside with tech and premium materials. Besides that, the Hummer electric will offer a great layout and with two rows of seats, there will be plenty of space inside for five occupants.

If you want to be updated with the latest news, you can sign up on the GMC web page and be the first one who will receive feedback about the newest Hummer Electric Pickup Truck.

Hummer Electric Pickup Truck Offer Insane Torque

The all-new Hummer will be all-electric. According to the officials, the upcoming model will be equipped with a high capacity battery. This means that this model will provide very high mileage.

Also, the manufacturer revealed that this model would produce 1000 hp and 11,500 pound-feet of torque. Besides that, it will be speedy. It will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds. However, we are still waiting for more information to come because the range and other specs are missing right now.

Hummer Electric Pickup Truck side

Release Date and Price

The new Hummer Electric Pickup Truck will make an impact on the market of electric trucks. This model will offer a unique and attractive design and a powerful engine never seen before. According to the latest news, the electric pickup is expected to be launched in the fall next year. As for the pricing information, there are not yet available.

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