Toyota A-BAT Hybrid Concept Pickup Truck to Get Serial Production in 2020?

Hybrid pickup trucks are becoming more and more popular. Whatsoever, most of the automakers are already offering at least one hybrid model. It is the future, along with the all-electric vehicles. Toyota A-BAT Hybrid is a concept pickup truck. The concept was introduced in 2008. Clearly, if it arrives, new A-BAT will look no way near the original concept.

However, this model is still not certain. Whatsoever, there are small chances for A-BAT Hybrid to hit the serial production. Special models in limited variant could actually happen. Toyota is clearly thinking green but this model is so unrealistic in today’s world.

Toyota A-BAT Hybrid side

Toyota A-BAT Hybrid Concept Design

For sure, for a hybrid vehicle, the main goal is its performance and fuel economy. However, the exterior is another important category. Toyota has been innovative in this category over the past few years. The upcoming Toyota A-BAT Hybrid Concept offers a revolutionary design. Even the original concept from 2008 looks innovative.

However, if this model appears on the roads, it will surely depart from its concept. Toyota will introduce a huge chrome grille and large LED headlights. 19-inch wheels will be offered as standard. On top of that, all-season tires will be in the offer. A four-foot bed is available as standard and Toyota offers an optional larger bed. Sliding the roof panel should extend the bed additionally.


The all-new Toyota A-BAT Hybrid is a very modern-looking pickup truck. This model is so nicely proportioned. On the concept, A-BAT pickup was 181.3 inches long. On top of that, the concept was 74.4 inches wide and 64.0 inches tall. The wheelbase is rated at 112.2 inches. As for the bed, it is 48.0 inches long. The optional bed is 72.0 inches long. Moreover, folding the tailgate opens up 96.0 inches. As we already wrote, this pickup rides on standard 19-inch wheels.

Toyota A-BAT Hybrid interior

Cabin Offers Plenty of High-Quality Materials

Toyota will surely offer a very modern cabin. The forthcoming Toyota A-BAT Hybrid will arrive with an SUV-like interior design. It is a modern cabin with latest features. On top of that, most of the premium amenities are offered as standard. On the other hand, A-BAT Hybrid pickup won’t get any trim levels. There is only standard and optional equipment. Toyota also offers plenty of high-quality materials and soft-touch surfaces. On top of that, aluminum and carbon-fiber materials are everywhere.

Comfort is great and fabric upholstery is standard. Leather seats will be optional. Interestingly, this model will offer numerous color choices for the upholstery. A 7.0-liter infotainment touchscreen is standard in most of the company’s models. The same will be here. Toyota’s safety suite will provide an astonishing list of standard safety aids. Furthermore, this pickup offers Wi-Fi, numerous USB ports, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Some cues can be also seen in the new 2020 Toyota Tundra model.

Toyota A-BAT Hybrid rear

Toyota A-BAT Hybrid Under the Bonnet

The Japanese automaker will look to lower the CO2 emissions and make its pickup eco-friendly. For that reason, a hybrid drivetrain is a must. Toyota predicted its hybrid version over a decade ago. However, some of the stuff from the concept is still far from realistic. The concept showed us Toyota’s Synergy system. It comes with translucent solar panels that catch the sunlight and convert it to energy. Clearly, that will not happen.

Instead, Toyota A-BAT Hybrid comes with a conventional engine mated to an electric motor. Also, a battery pack will be in the offer. Toyota will utilize a four-cylinder engine and its 8-speed automatic transmission. Interestingly, the company never revealed exact engine specs. However, we expect over 300 horsepower and over 34 mpg combined. Of course, those numbers were significantly larger in 2008. That’s why the concept’s figures are far from realistic.

Toyota A-BAT Hybrid bed

Price and Release Date

The brand-new Toyota A-BAT Hybrid is still far from the production. Whatsoever, this model maybe never appears on the markets. Some reports are suggesting its release in 2021 but that is unlikely to happen. Many experts are predicting a price of $40,000 which is a bargain for such a strong and modern model. There is still too much mystery about this model.

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